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The Social MUN is a multifaceted social startup that was instituted by a group of young leaders early in December, 2017. This intitiative strives to bring about effective social change through the mediums of MUNs. Keeping in mind the increasing popularity of MUNs in the acadmia, this platform was chosen to propagate the beliefs of the people behind this social enterprise. The Committees that are stimulated are based around contemporary agendas that are capable of intiating formable discussions that can be won over only through effective rhetoric and thorough research. We aim to provide an enriching environment to the participants to display their mental prowess.


Khushi Chawla


"Hardwork is the stepping stone to success" , I will correct it a little bit and say "Failure is the stepping stone to success". So the journey begins 4 years back when I was a delegate of a committee and the only thing I could do was to sit and stare whats going out of the room instead of the inside. The only thing that catched my attention was hospitality services. I am sure I truly failed as a delegate but succeeded as a person with selective attention. I then went on with the idea of organising the conference , indeed I did it well. I have organised two conferences as the Head of the OC and my experience teaches me all the patience and tolerance I so far hold. Experience leads people to explore and risk, I was no different. I started with my own organization in the year 2018 with the motive to bring about a change in society, personality of the youth and most importantly build patience in them. I worked with more than 300 OC members so far and I enjoy my work more than anything else. I so hope we continue with the good work, a good vision and help students to build up more. For that, I need to fail more in order to succeed more.

Narayan Kamdar


In October of 2016, I attended my first model united nation conference at Dhirubhai international school. I went to Mumbai, spent three days in that conference and didn't even speak a word. When I came back, I contemplated why did this happen? What went wrong? The infrastructure, the teachers are almost the same. The only difference I could think of was opportunities. Kids in Mumbai get much more opportunities and exposure than we do. Everyone there had attended 30-40 MUNs, and it was my first one. We, team TSMUN want to change this. We want MUNs to stay no longer a luxury in Bhopal. We want to bring about this change. We want to make sure we, the kids of Bhopal are as confident as the kids in Mumbai. We need to do this and we have initiated the change. An update on my Mumbai story, after 2 years and attending and chairing many MUNs later I went back to Mumbai for college. And on the very first day, I gave a speech for one of the posts in college. Again, I was competing against 70 Mumbaikars, but with one speech, by only giving one speech- I won that election. We are as smart as the kids in Mumbai or Delhi or New York. We just need opportunities and we TSMUN are here to provide these opportunities. If the grass is on the greener side, stop staring comparing and complaining and start watering the grass you are standing on is what I believe in. We are watering the grass we are standing on, water it with us?

Suraj Sharma

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